AlloyGator has developed a cost-effective and durable wheel protection system which vastly reduces the risk of curb rash!


We’ve all felt that awful feeling the moment you hear your expensive alloy wheel grating along the curb.

No matter how careful a driver you are, it pays to have an extra layer of protection between your expensive alloy wheels and the curb.



HORIBA-MIRA & TÜV are global providers of engineering, research and test services to various industries.

AlloyGator is the only HORIBA-MIRA certified & TÜV approved wheel protection system in the world, designed to help reduce curb damage on impact.



Professional installation is strongly recommended. To ensure your AlloyGators provide optimal protection and performance, as well as honor the product warranty, we advise you have them installed by a certified vendor.

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Expand your product offering with the premier wheel protection system. With a variety of partnership options, AlloyGator and their customizable products will be the perfect addition to your shop.

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  • " AlloyGator has saved the wheels on my Mercedes multiple times from curb damage. I love this product so much, I recently had a set installed on my Audi SUV. It even covered up a majority of the damage that had already occurred! Thanks AlloyGator!"

    Mike M - Arizona
  • "I bought a set of your wheel protectors after chatting with you at Carfest South, and you asked if I could provide some pictures. I've attached a couple of shots of the wheel after fitting them to my E350 Coupe, and I have to say they look great (i.e. you can't see them) I'm sure the fact that I have had the wheels powder coated a darker colour than stock helps, but I'm really pleased at how unobtrusive the AlloyGators are. Cheers"

  • "My AlloyGators were fitted in January 2013 and do take a hammering from my students learning to drive. I thought you might be interested in these pictures of the AlloyGators after a curb impact by a pupil on her driving test…….needless to say, she failed! I wasn’t in the car but I am told by the examiner she brushed the curb heavily. The alloy did suffer damage as can be seen from the photo, but I dread to think how much more damage would have been caused without the AlloyGator. Now to buy a new AlloyGator, as I feel unprotected. I should add that the ns/f wheel always cops it and I have changed the wheel so that it is covered till the new AlloyGator arrives. Regards, Mike"

  • "Hi, I am a driving instructor in Kent and damaged rims are just a regular hazard of the job. I had Alloy Gators fitted to my new Citroen DS3 on Monday 1/21/13 and suffered my first curb attack today 1/22/13. On checking the wheel, I found a graze out of the AlloyGator but absolutely no damage to my Alloy wheel. To say I am pleased is an understatement. I was `{`skeptical`}` about having the AlloyGators fitted, but Arrow TIres in Essex who fitted them were brilliant and friendly as well as taking time to show me how the product fitted and worked. I am, so far very pleased with your product and your choice of fitters, thank you. I shall be recommending you to my friends and colleagues."

    Mike Crawford,
  • "I recently ordered a set of red AlloyGators for my Octavia VRS and fitted them myself. I am extremely pleased with them and very impressed with how they look and improve the appearance of my 18" alloys. I see that you have a gallery on your webpage and noticed that you only had a few pictures of some fitted to a Fabia VRS. So I have attached a small selection of photos that you may wish to add to your gallery. Once again, many thanks for such an excellent product. Best wishes, Neil"

  • "Alloygator has saved my alloy wheel from an expensive refurb. A stupid `{`maneuver`}` by another vehicle caused me to swerve and scrape the front wheel along a high curb. The noise was horrendous so I feared the worst, but Alloygator saved the day. The wheel is completely unmarked even though the Alloygator was badly scuffed - something I should be able to clean up with the tool supplied. Unfortunately, the small black cover strip came off and was lost. Would you be kind enough to put a replacement in the post. It is proof, if required, that Alloygator is an extremely wise investment! Kind regards, Michael"

  • "I am running my own Driving School in the Dronfield/Sheffield/Chesterfield area & last week I purchased a brand new Citroen DS3 in Belle Isle Blue. I decided to fit some Alloygators in blue to the 17" alloys & they really set the car off. During my driving lessons absolutely everybody is looking at my wheels & commenting on them & asking me what they are. Great product, Thank You."

    Driving School
  • “I’ve just bought a new toy, a second-hand Carrera White Porsche 997 Gen 2 Turbo, with the standard Turbo II Wheels. On these wheels the spokes run right into the rim section, which makes not only the rim but the spokes vulnerable for “curbing”. As a regular reader of Auto Express and EVO, I thought I would look at AlloyGators as a possible offset to minor curbing and having watched the Videos, the product is well thought out. It seemed to me you might want to practice a bit before installing on a valuable car, so I pressed the “Find a Fitter Button” on the website and had a set fitted to my Porsche and my wife’s E Class Estate at Hampshire Tires in Eastleigh Hampshire. I went for Black, but had I still had my Guards Red GT3, or my Speed Yellow Carrera, I think I would have tried Red and Yellow, respectively! Thanks for this product AlloyGator"

    Bob, Bursledon, Southampton
  • ”These saved my wheels from curb damage too many times and I love how it makes my car stand out from other similar models!”

  • "I Have had them on my vehicle for over a year. My vehicle just hit over 27,000 miles... these Gators have protected my rims more than a handful of times…PLUS THEY LOOK GREAT."

  • Just put black on a Lexus IS250 my customer loved them looks awesome the edges were all gouged and the gator covered them very cool!

    Jason - Keen Toyota


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